This week's Podcast is something a little different due to not having a guest (or WiFi) this week so I decided to go H.A.M on your questions and even let you know.

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In addition to this sea of glass, we see " four beasts full of eyes before and behind. For now, why were these beasts created? For the glory of God.

Does God Give Glimpses of Heaven?

This world was created by and for Jesus; it is sustained through Jesus; it is coming to Jesus see Colossians One day — and it may be soon — we're going to fall in praises before Him as we cast down our crowns to give Him glory, honor, and praise forever. What a time that will be! Love Worth Finding Adrian Rogers. Follow Donate. Listen Archives Podcast Watch on Lightsource. A Glimpse into Glory The things discussed in this article may be experienced even before you finish reading it! The Person upon the Throne Revelation ,5 The glory of Jesus is described in images of precious jewels and a rainbow.

The People before the Throne Revelation The redeemed of God who are caught up in the rapture will be sitting upon thrones see also Revelation The Praise unto the Throne Revelation Seven, the number of perfection, is descriptive of the lamps and the Spirit. Contact Sermons Devotionals Articles Cancel. Free Resources. Love Worth Finding Episode Reminder Get a sneak-peek into each new show plus daily featured articles, delivered straight to your inbox!

Love Worth Finding Unchanging truths from Scripture to apply to your changing life. Sign Up. In addition to your newsletter s , you will receive email updates and special offers from Oneplace. This happens primarily through efforts in publishing and broadcasting biblical truth. Love Worth Finding began in , as a response to several requests for tapes of messages by pastor and Bible teacher Adrian Rogers.

He relates that "soon the requests began to grow to the point that we knew God was leading us into a wider ministry. Rogers' pulpit ministry Love Worth Finding provided that role and continues today. Rogers stated, "I believe God wants us to proclaim the message of salvation in the power of the Holy Spirit by every means possible. No, God wants us to continue to proclaim the message of salvation. The messenger may be gone, but the message must continue.

Millions still have not heard the precious name of Jesus or know His redeeming grace. So our race is not over. We must still run—until Jesus comes. Our prayer is that you will join with us in running the race and in broadcasting the Good News that Jesus Christ is truly the greatest Love worth finding. The very god-ness of God means that he is separate from all that is not God.

There is an infinite qualitative difference between Creator and creature.

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God is one of a kind. Sui generis.

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In a class by himself. In that sense he is utterly holy. But then you have said no more than that he is God. Or if the holiness of a man derives from being separated from the world and devoted to God, to whom is God devoted so as to derive his holiness? To no one but himself. It is blasphemy to say that there is a higher reality than God to which he must conform in order to be holy.

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God is the absolute reality beyond which is only more of God. He is not holy because he keeps the rules. He wrote the rules! God is not holy because he keeps the law. The law is holy because it reveals God. God is absolute. Everything else is derivative. What then is his holiness? Listen to three texts. Compare Leviticus and Note the parallel structure of Isaiah He is incomparable.

His holiness is his utterly unique divine essence. It determines all that he is and does and is determined by no one. His holiness is what he is as God which no one else is or ever will be. Call it his majesty, his divinity, his greatness, his value as the pearl of great price. In the end language runs out. There may yet be more to know of God, but that will be beyond words. But before the silence and the shaking of the foundations and the all-concealing smoke we learn a seventh final thing about God. God is glorious. His glory is the open revelation of the secret of his holiness.

The holiness of God is his concealed glory. The glory of God is his revealed holiness. From down here the view of the glory of God is limited. But above us, on either side of the carriage seat, burns a gas lantern. As long as our head is surrounded by this artificial light, the sky overhead is empty of glory.

I saw every thing with the most minute distinctness, and the vast multitudes of people seemed extremely miserable. This scene affected me so much that I could not refrain from weeping. And he put his hand upon mine eyes, and I saw those things which his hands had made, which were many; and they multiplied before mine eyes, and I could not see the end thereof. Joseph and Sidney were also shown a vision of those who had succumbed to the power of Lucifer. We learn here that through the Spirit we can be shown things that to our finite minds here seem incomprehensible.

I cannot describe its beauty and grandeur. It was clothed in the purest light I had ever beheld, brilliant but not glaring nor unpleasant. From this and other visions I have studied from lay members of the Church, everyone without exception struggles to describe the beauty of the place where God dwells.

Billy Graham on Whether God Actually Gives People 'Glimpses of Heaven' Before Death

There are colors we have never imagined, animals we have never seen, a quality of light we have never comprehended. We cannot sufficiently formulate mortal words to describe heavenly things. It was still more beautiful and glorious than what I had seen, with an extent and magnificence incomprehensible to me.

It appeared to be a fountain of light from which emanated brilliant scintillations of glory, but I could form no conception of the extent of these emanations. I think about my angel Mother who at age 99 years and 4 months is likely closer than most of us to seeing those things He has prepared. This makes all these truths very real to me. These I recognized at once. It looked cloudy and dark.

Read the Bible through in a year….

I was filled with sadness, I might say horror, at the idea of returning there, for at first, I had hoped to stay in that heavenly place I had so long desired to see. Up to this time the thought had not occurred to me that I should be required to return. I was at a funeral once of a Stake President in Tremonton, Utah, Boyd Cullimore, who died of a heart attack at age He gave a glorious talk on the great plan of happiness and of salvation and a powerful testimony of the Spirit World and the work going on there. He replied that I must return and take my body, for I was only permitted to visit these heavenly cities before I had filled my mission in yonder world.

He promised me if I was faithful to the grace of God which would be imparted to me, if I would bear a faithful testimony to the inhabitants of the earth of a sacrificed and risen Savior and of His atonement for man, in a little time I should be permitted to return and remain. I accepted the great mission that was then placed upon me and have never ceased to realize its responsibilities.

With great reluctance I took possession of it to resume the avocations of life and endeavor to fill the mission I had received. I awoke and found myself in bed, where I lay and meditated the remainder of the night on what had been shown me. The memory of this [vision] is still clear and distinct, after the lapse of over fifty years with their many changes.

Heaven Vision: Glimpses Into Glory (Hardcover)

As I had opportunity I exhorted the people in public and in private to exercise faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, to repent of their sins and live lives of righteousness and good works. Young brothers. He had set an appointment to preach the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ to a gathering that was ten miles away on evening but could not fill it. He was sick and could not get out of bed. I cannot put one foot in front of the other.

I know nothing of Mormonism. A large group of interested parties gathered for that meeting.