This week's Podcast is something a little different due to not having a guest (or WiFi) this week so I decided to go H.A.M on your questions and even let you know.

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Cost is based on the number of participants. For details contact us. For trek, trekking equipment are updated and trendy. You can find complete list on detailed Itinerary, please ask for it. Click here for full description and more photos. But he is man who loves to be in thick of action. He leads from the front whilst on the tour. From the outset, he knew what he wants to do in his life. Right after finishing his Class 12, he enrolled for guide course for culture initially then extended few more month to complete course on Trekking as well in After doing free lancing for a while, he joined Wind Horse Tours in For most Bhutanese, appeals that mountainous terrains throw in for an out door adventures are native.

In the case of Yonten, it was no exception. He easily gave in to the temptation of Mountain biking with its advent. He explored and lead tours in his bike but his allegiance is more inclined to off road biking trips that leads to quaint villages.

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He love to keep things simple. Right after finishing his Class 12 from school in Thimphu in , he joined guiding course to aspire to be a guide. After a fruitful experiences with other companies, he joined Wind Horse Tours in One trek that stand out is challenging Snowman Trek, he comes highly recommended for this. In October, he successfully completed Snowman trek with 4 guests.

A good sense of humour is the currency that prevail everywhere regardless of the time or circumstances. Sonam Loday has this traits in abundance. This is intrinsic and come as naturally as bees to the flower. He wears it in his sleeve in every tours that he conducts and this is one aspects that steal the limelight when we receive the feedbacks from the guests.

He finished his higher secondary school in Subsequently, he was at loose end trying to find meaning to his life and career, a chance meeting with a group of tourists resurrected his passion for the trade. He did his cultural guide course in and trekking in He burn the midnight oils to complete his senior guide course in He joined Wind Horse Tours in and has led countless tours with flair and his brand of humour.

Along with great sense of humour, he is well versed on both aspects cultural as well as trek. The Horse riding course refuelled his passion for horses to a new height in He is the coordinator and manager of Wind Horse Ranch and Riding Club — a low carbon footprint product. When it comes to giving air to his interests and passion, he has varied propensities, it ranges from being cultural and trek guide to horse manager to his new found passion — mountain biking, his new best friend. Growth in Tourism in Bhutan has also its share of impact on young minds.

With tourists freely moving around, the curiosities to know them, talk to them holds ground firmly on young minds. Namgay is one among many youth whose imagination was captured by razzmatazz of tourism. His first foray into job was in at Wind Horse Tours and still he is going great guns. Feed Backs from guests that he led are great testimonial to his dedication.

He prodigiously read books that open up new frontiers and interaction with guests coupled with sound command of English takes his outlook towards learning and experiences altogether to different height. I was and am.. For my part I will try to encourage people to go there! I hope the tipping issue went ok…if anything, I tipped high…but for great service, so ok with me.

The trip. A gift not wrapped in paper but bound instead in. Our journey in the mountains of Bhutan was richly rewarding. A gift not wrapped in paper but bound instead in the thread of discovery and the characters we were blessed to encounter along the way. A journey of reflection and life in focus - so generously mentored by the welcoming will and inspiring talents of the Bhutanese people, Like our fabulous guides Yonten and Pema, who helped us climb higher..

Thank you! And also thank you to all our amazing crew and the nine ponies Everyone we encountered helped make our expedition an experience that will long be remembered as an outstanding example of living in the moment.. Thanks to Bas at Kimkim for making the arrangements so easy and to Wind Horse for organising everything on the ground. Thoroughly enjoyed this Bhut-Camp! Snow Leopard Trek -Fall A little late to responding to this but just wanted to say that the trip was fabulously planned and organised.

Snow Leopard Trek — Autumn Of course see'ing the snow leopard was the highlight! Pema, our guide, added to the experience with his amiable personality. Overall we were overwhelmingly pleased with our experience with Windhorse. Our tour with. Hi Anand - Thanks for reaching out! Our tour with Yonten was seamless.

From the time we were picked up at the airport, to changing our trekking itinerary after our biggest hiking day, to finding us great pizza, then finally dropping us off at the airport - the experience was wonderful. Yonten was very accommodating. Everything worked out perfectly and Yonten was really committed to making sure we found what we were looking for.

We feel like we were really well paired with our guide. The trekking experience was above and beyond what we expected. The team was on top of snacks, meals, our tents, hot water bottles - everything that made being in the mountains a lot more comfortable than we're all used to. After our toughest trekking day we realized we probably we're up to have another day of really tough trekking after it which was on our schedule and Yonten worked with the trekking team to make sure we had options that we were happy with. We can't thank you enough. Our trip to Bhutan was incredibly special for a number of reasons and I'm sure we'll be back.

Windhorse gave us a fantastic introduction to Bhutan - Yonten in particular. Bhutan in Perspective June 7, The lure to travel to and experience Bhutan began more than 20 years ago when its relative isolation. Over the years, the call became even more pronounced as Druk Yul a.

These and the quiet gentleness of the country and its people pulled at my heartstrings. Second, a day trek that would skirt aglacial lake and a high pass or two was on tap. Lastly, a more immersive and interactive cultural journey in the countryside would cap my day sojourn inBhutan. Getting these plans in place was a challenge.

The reason being, international tour operators are required to use or work with Bhutanese tour operators when arranging tours within Bhutan making international operators largely dependent on local operators. With WindHorse Tours I was able to make my travel arrangements with ease and confidence. In addition, having a U. Ugen Tschering, operating out of Minneapolis, was most patient, helpful and instructive in guiding my travel plans. In particular, Ugen customized the third leg of my trip and put together a wonderful mix of home stays, day hikes, a day and a half on horseback, visits to dzongs, monasteries, a nunnery, museums, drives through the countryside and village walk-abouts.

Both gentlemen were friendly, warm, professional, and efficient in their dealings with me. I trusted their wisdom and advice wholeheartedly. I flew into Paro from Bangkok and upon meeting Pema, our Chief Guide who would also lead our Jhomolhari trek , Gudu our amicable and smooth-steering driver and Tshering a most helpful, smiling guide-in-training it quickly became apparent that we were in the best of hands. Pema is a seasoned guide.

He was attentive, sensitive to the needs of everyone in our group and readily introduced us to Bhutanese culture, cuisine, folklore and humour. Moreover, his deep knowledge and understanding of Vajrayana tantric Buddhism was enlightening. Pema also made sure we got the most out of the Talo and Paro Tsechu festivals we attended.

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Half of our group departed after the first week and three of us stayed on to do the seven-day Jhomolhari trek. The next day being a rest day, Tshering and I, with more gumption than direction,clambered over boulders and scree to reach a glacier fed lake to the east of the camp. From Thimpu, Jambay called to check on our well-being as he was concerned the inclement weather in Thimphu could delay or affect the rest of our trek.

The happiness and inner peace I felt after coming down the mountain are beyond words. Given the challenges thrown our way, the oneness with nature and the sense of quiet accomplishment made it all the sweeter. I will beeternally grateful to Pema, Tshering, Gudu and all who made this trek a fulfilled dream. Flying to Bumthang a day later, I began the third and last leg of my Bhutan experience.

Gaki was my young and sweet lady guide, Tenzin was our cheerful, gallant and able driver, and Pema not our earlier hiking guide but a different Pema was our lead horseman and riding guide. Dzongs, Buddhist lakhangs temples , maroon robed monks, prayer flags, prayer wheels, chili-laced dishes, yaks and yak cheese were a-plenty. However, it was the interaction with the locals that made the trip all the more endearing. Hiking down from the monastery in Padselling we were led part way by a young lama, his student and 2 dogs.

Shortly after they left us, we came to a fork on the trail. Gaki made the right choice and we hiked through the forest, into a valley and open fields. As we climbed over a stile and came off the trail, we spotted a worried Tenzin in his Gho traditional menswear , walking up the dusty road,umbrella and water bottles in hand, rescue in mind, The sight was priceless! Riding on horseback from Ngalakhang to the village of Nagsphel, Pema was caught in a dilemma as to who to attend to first when we took off on a gallop and the horses had to be reined in.

Should he attend to me, the client, first or help Gakiwho was struggling to stay on her horse? I managed to rein in and quiet down my horse so Pema ran off to assist Gaki who had fallen off her horse! The same warm hospitality was extended us by the family whose home we shared in the village of Nangsphel.

In Chumey, while discussing fabric with staff at our lodge, we arranged to buy a couple of yards of locally woven fabric when we returned to Thimpu. For all thatI saw, heard, tasted, smelt and experienced in Bhutan, there is Wind Horse Tours to thank in spades! Without the attention, organisation, follow-through and terrific front and back office handlers, guides, drivers and support staff, Bhutan would still be adream. Snow Leopard Trek, April, Hi Anand The trip was fantastic. I had a fantastic time. I can't wait to visit your wonderful country again. But no worries, the trip to Bhutan was.

Dear Anand Thank you for you email and sorry for the late answer. But no worries, the trip to Bhutan was just wonderful! I loved especially the trekking although it was quite short, so a good reason to go back in the near future… I loved the campsites and the living in this beautiful area and of course the trekking crew did a superb job!

They cooked such delicious food every day and were so friendly and again a big thank you to Minchu, Kinsey, Kinsang and the Hotrseman, which name I forgot I hope I spelled the others right but I will always remember his lovely whistling concerts…! Also Pema did a great job and he is a very good guide and just a lovely person and Dawa too, he is a very good driver. The only things to improve on the trek are already mentioned, especially the mattress was too hard, so it will be appreciated if you replace them.

And concerning the program skip the rhododendron festival at the royal botanic garden, that was nothing special and there were even no flowers… Thank you for all the organization and I wish the whole Windhorse team all the best and will get back to you if I will return to Bhutan in the next years! Jomolhari-Snow Leopard Trek - April Hi Jambay, I've been back for two days now and wanted to write while the impressions are still fresh in my mind. First off, let me say that the communication and client service was excellent.

Unfortunately the nature of my work makes longterm planning difficult but you were able to make me a last-minute addition to the trip which I really appreciated.

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As for the trip it itself, it was amazing. Bhutan is a place that delights and challenges the mind, halfway between isolation and invasion - in the form of outside world forcing a way in through tourists ourselves included and the internet, media, etc. At the same time, the uniqueness of the culture is very obvious, especially in the more remote parts but even in Thimphu.

Like I said, it challenges ones pre-conceptions daily. Pena was an excellent and knowledgeable guide, Dawa a very safe, patient and invariably courteous driver, and the trekking crew were brilliant. Highlights included: archery, Punakha Dzong being there for the naming of the new prince was a real bonus , Tiger's Nest of course and especially days of the trek from Jomolhari Base Camp on.

The scenery was really stunning, but especially from that point forward. A few suggestions: 1 the trekking tourist organizations might want to pressure the crews putting the power lines in to clean up after themselves. The amount of garbage around campsites and along the trails on the first two days did detract from the experience; 2 The "mattresses" provided were harder than the ground I think! Perhaps recommend people bring their own air mattresses I wish I had or upgrade the ones you supply so they both insulate and pad. On the subject of comforts, the camp chairs could also be upgraded, but the mattresses are the real priority.

But those minor quibbles should take nothing away from what was a magnificent experience. Thanks again to the whole team. Hi guys, I hope all is well with you, and apologies for such long silence. I hope all is well with you, and apologies for such long silence. After spending two wonderful weeks in Bhutan, we came back home to a heavy work load, and I just had the chance to put together all my photos from the trip. Can you please forward the link to them as well?

This was the best trip I've ever done in my life, and thank you all for such a wonderful experience. I have been in touch with the wildlife biologist that we met at Jangothang, and we are planning to work together on a snow leopard project. If all goes well, we might see each other sooner than later, and maybe, I may get a second chance to see the elusive snow leopard.

Here they are:. The only change I could suggest would be to combine the first two days if your customers are fit enough and if you prefer to do this in 6 instead of 7 days. We thought we could handle and enjoy the long and gradual hike up to the second campsite in one day.

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Snow Leopard Trek with Festival -2 We have nothing but praise for the way Windhorse organized and handled our two weeks in Bhutan. From the initial planning.

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We have nothing but praise for the way Windhorse organized and handled our two weeks in Bhutan. First and foremost we would like to recognize the excellent guidance of Pema Namgyal who trained our eyes to the majestic beauty of his country. From historical dzongs to spiritual sites, from mountain passes to rhododendrons fields, Pema was always at the ready to clearly explain, to highlight and to advise when necessary. His experience on the trail proved invaluable and his concern for everyone's safety and well being made for a seamless and rewarding experience.

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Over the course of our trip, we had two excellent drivers, Gudud and Baliman sorry for the spelling of your names who navigated the challenging roads with a sure hand. And how could we thank enough the friendly and hardy trek staff who became our "family"for a week: our cowboy chef and his assistant who consistently served us hot, healthy and plentiful meals, the always smiling ponies wranglers and our "young ones", Somten and Kinsan, light footed companions on the trail and the morning "bed tea"providers.

The outstanding event of our first week had to be the festival in Thimpu Tsechu with the riot of colorful traditional garments worn by all, the imposing backdrop of the dzong and the spectacular costumes and masks of the dancers. It also led us to experience first hand the friendliness of the Bhutanese people and to appreciate the reverence and respect they hold for their country and their king.

We traveled across Dochu-La pass to Punakha and visited its impressive dzong; we also drove to Chele-La pass where we had our first sighting of Jhomolhari and hiked to the Kila Nunnery. The trek designated by Windhorse as the Snow Leopard trek is in fact the Jhomolhari trek 1. It offers amazing vistas and is somewhat challenging because of the terrain and the elevation gain.

Everything was done from the moment we arrived in Bhutan to facilitate and adapt us to the high altitude we would have to manage on the trek i. The camping equipment provided was adequate and in good standing; we brought our own sleeping bags.

Bhutan is indeed a magical destination and we feel fortunate to have attended one of its main festivals, to have visited its glorious dzongs and experienced the serenity of its mountains. Trust Windhorse to make your visit to this Himalayan kingdom a memorable adventure. To the entire Windhorse team, Thank you very much for your fantastic Snow Leopard trek. You lead guide Pema was knowledgeable while taking us through the cultural part of the tour, he kept each and every monastery interesting and unique.

Once we got on the trek itself, he was very attentive to the trekkers that were weaker hikers, and made sure that they had any extra attention needed. The rest of the crew were all fun and professional. As I mentioned. As I mentioned on the phone, I had a great experience on the trip. In advance of the trip, I was grateful for Ugen and Jambay's flexibility in arranging an itinerary on short notice. During the trip, the guide, drivers, cook, assistant, and horseman were very flexible, often deviating from the standard itinerary in order to provide me with a more authentic and unique experience.

They were also very supportive when I felt unwell upon first reaching m in elevation at Jangothang.


In addition, I appreciated that the crew consisted of honest and reliable individuals perhaps that is typical in Bhutan but it is not always so with the tourism industry in other countries. For me, the low of the trip was that first night at Jangothang. I'm not sure what, if anything, could have helped me acclimatize better beforehand, but the following rest day was very helpful. A couple of small pieces of feedback: In Thimphu, I preferred Hotel Osel to Hotel Druk—the room felt a bit more modern and clean and the food was better, but others may prefer the "upscale" feel of Hotel Druk.

I was initially also confused by the 2nd night we spent in Punakha, requiring an early wake-up to get to Thimphu for the festival; however, the Dochula pass was relatively clear during the early morning and made for a good view. Overall I had a great trip and will be recommending Bhutan and Wind Horse Tours to any friends and family who consider going in the future. Our guide, Karma was really knowledgeable, helpful, and, best of all, funny! We did not have a bad meal the entire trip. It was a great group and an amazing tour and trek. Snow Leopard Trek Oct. You, Jambay, Pema and.

The trip was wonderful. The Jhomolhari Trek was a great adventure — in complete luxury. Dear Ugen, It has been a couple of weeks now since we returned from our 18 day trip to Bhutan. We think we. Thank you for planning it so well and yes, hopefully, we will come back in two years and continue where we left off Chomolhari Trek Sep- Oct Ugen I know Pam wrote to you as soon as we got back but I had to. I know Pam wrote to you as soon as we got back but I had to go right to work so haven't had time until now to tell you myself how much we enjoyed the trip and your country of Bhutan Dorji, Jigme, the cook and hourse men and cook's assistant all were wonderful and went over and above to assist Thanks for your help and services.

We thought. We had a wonderful trip to Bhutan. We thought your tour outfit was extremely professional and very well run. Everything seemed to go without a hitch and I know that if from good planning on your company's part. We were especially impressed with Dorji and bonded with him throughout our stay. He really made our trip! We were also extremely impressed with your cook Siran. The food was the best food we have had on a trek. We really want to do another trek with your outfit and use Dorji as our guide in the next couple of years.

My brother is going to try to visit Bhutan with his wife next fall and I will make sure he contacts you. I am so happy we found your tour company. The flight connections you made were also very smooth. Thanks so much for all of your help!! We will keep your name in mind for future travels. Quick Inquiry Form. Your Name required. Email address required. Phone Number required.