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Create an Account First name. Last name. Email address. Confirm password. Current Location. Otherwise, it probably makes more financial sense to rent from a normal car rental company. Another option is drive to Portugal and bring your car with you. Under EU rules, you can bring a car from one EU country to another for six months before you have to register it in the new country.

Some insurance companies offer six months insurance, and one or two offer up to a year of cover. There are surprisingly quite a few of them in the UK, and there are even some garages that specialise in them. Second-hand cars in Portugal are notoriously expensive, particularly when compared to the UK which is a haven for cheap second-hand cars.

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It is an option, but it may not make the most sense financially. Hi…I am trying to find out how much it would cost me to live in the Algarve on the beach…Something small a studio or 1 bedrooom.. I am thinking of retiring there…Any suggestions.. I wish the money was in English so I would have an idea of what rents go for…Hope to hear from you….

The information could end up out of date very quickly. If you move to Portugal everything will be in Euros, and working out how much everything is in pounds is a part of being an expat here. Of course, all that could change and could change very drastically with the way things are politically in the UK.

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We have an article on renting accommodation in the Algarve with a list of sites where you can find accommodation. We found great deals for good cars at around 3 euro a day. But the deposit hits it out of the ballpark — euro, for a car rental worth less than euro! Then euro each for damage or theft excess even after having taken the insurance. We are really shocked at this. What is your experience of it? Yes indeed terms and conditions, specifically the excess is quite a problem.

You either take the risk or buy the insurance. As I use an expensive amex card with cover for all damages to any rental car I just go for the cheapest rental company. Yes, you should have enough credit on your card and mind that the company accepts amex.

Caution is needed anyhow, we take pictures of the car on collect and return. My experience is that when they see you taking pictures they know it is hard to pull off the trick of fake damages afterwards… never had a problem there.