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Read on to see what it takes to keep these cheerful songsters. Now they are bred all over the world, including the United States, and come in a variety of colors—from yellow to shades of red and orange. Some of the more popular varieties include the red-factor canary known for its orange-red feathers and the American singer. Canaries are small birds between 5 and 8 inches long and can live between 10 and 15 years, if you care for them properly.

Staudenmaier suggests checking your local shelter first before buying. Most of the canaries that are in a shelter are adults, she says. But whether you adopt or buy, look for birds that are perched in their cages and engaging with the world around them. Want to hear your canary singing?

How to Set Up a Canary Cage

Get a male bird. While female canaries vocalize, too, the beautiful songs people associate with canary birds are really only sung by males, Staudenmaier explains. Both males and females tend to be cheerful, sweet and playful. Just be forewarned: Budgies require a lot more love and attention! Outgoing canaries will enjoy being talked to, hearing music, and hanging out with their parents in the same room.

Wondering whether your canary needs a companion? Not necessarily. Whether you keep one canary or two, make sure the cage is at least 2- to 3-feet tall, so your canary bird has room to fly. During this time, your canary may not sing or be as active as he usually is. To provide a happy, healthy atmosphere for your canary, Petland recommends the following necessary and fun accessories.

When these needs are met, along with a loving environment provided by you, your canary can live a long and happy life.

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Typically, a healthy canary may live between 10 and 15 years. Unlike hookbills that can climb around their cages, canaries get their exercise by flying from perch-to-perch; therefore, your canary will require a home that is wider than it is tall. Get the largest cage that you can!

Perches for a canary's cage

A roomy home with lots of area for flying, perching and sleeping is ideal. A cage cover will allow your canary to get the rest he needs. Remember, that birds wake at sunrise and sleep at sunset. Your pet counsellor can show you the homes available made specifically for your canary. Lighting — In their natural habitat, canaries will get 12 to 14 hours of bright light. Your canary will need the same in your home.

Your canary will require exposure to ultraviolet light on a daily basis. Since it is not possible in our climate to have him outside on a daily basis, and placing him in front of a window only allows filtered light inside, which is ineffective; the use of a full-spectrum light is vital.

How to Keep Canaries

UVA and UVB is necessary to prevent calcium and vitamin D3 deficiencies, which can cause a tremendous amount of health problems. As well, depriving your canary of UV light will make them colour blind. It has also been suggested that UVA light is beneficial in reducing or eliminating abnormal behaviour, such as feather damaging disorders, and phobias among just a few. Perches — Birds were not meant to stand on the same diameter of a tree branch or perch. Your canary must have a variety of perch sizes to allow his feet proper exercise. Your canary will need not only the perching that comes with your cage, but also branches, which will provide him with an uneven surface.

These may be purchased or you may collect the following branches from outdoors provided they have not been sprayed: fruit trees, willow, poplar, elderberry and maple. If you do use natural branches, they will need to be replaced frequently. Situate two of the perches at the same height as the seed and water dishes, not directly over them, where fecal matter could spoil the food.

Keeping Pet Finches | Finches and Canaries | Guide | Omlet UK

Their feet need to encircle the perch comfortably. Fresh canary seed mix should always be available. Blow them off into the garbage, stir and top up as needed. Clean his dishes and refill them daily. Since canaries are mainly seed eaters and not insect eaters, their protein is found in canary grass and rape seed both found in his canary mix ; however, his diet should be supplemented with egg food. Your canary will benefit by offering him daily a cooled, mashed-up boiled egg in a separate cup.

Remove the cup after an hour or so.

Where Canary Birds Come From

A healthy mix of fruits and vegetables, shredded into pick-up-and-fly pieces should be offered daily and removed within an hour or two. Every bird has different tastes. While some canaries may love shredded carrots, others may prefer romaine lettuce.

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  • Keep trying, and give him variety. A good example of why vitamins must be added is the lack of vitamin A in their diet. This fat-soluble vitamin is virtually non-existent in seed, so you must offer other sources of it. While egg yolk and fresh greens are rich in vitamin A, your canary may not accept these foods, or eat enough of them.

    To make sure your canary is getting the vitamins his body requires, we recommend the addition of a high-quality powdered vitamin.