This week's Podcast is something a little different due to not having a guest (or WiFi) this week so I decided to go H.A.M on your questions and even let you know.

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  1. Into His Presence: An In Touch Devotional.
  2. Selbstcoaching in 7 Tagen: Wie Sie Ihren persönlichen Weg zum Erfolg finden. Mit vielen Übungen. (German Edition).
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Last Name. The iron and steel that crossed over with them is the only thing that can hurt the Wildsidhers. They must use it, along with their wits and courage, to fight back against those who wish them harm. The kids will never stop searching for a way home, but for now, they are trapped. The Wildsidhe will never be the same again. Reminiscent of Harry Potter, these kids pack a punch!

Bad Cop Henderson - Michael A. O'Neil - Austin S. Camacho - Wayne D. Dundee - John L. French - Art Monterastelli - James Grady "A ride-around with some of the best cops and best cop writing in the business! It's a top-notch crime fiction anthology. Sometime in the not so distant future John Murphy knows a thing or two about lending a helping hand.

As a bartender at Bulfinche's Pub, he's helped the troubled for years.

Member: crazybooklady

But now a mad sea god is going to sink New York City. Nobody's going to believe it, which means millions will die. But thanks to a time traveling message and a prophecy, leprechaun Paddy Moran has gathered legends together with brave men and women to form the Startenders, a group like no other the universe has ever seen.

They have built a space station and a fleet of barships and dedicated themselves to helping others. Murphy himself becomes the head honcho of the barship Fools' Glory and its crew of tricksters - Loki, Coyote, the daughter of Pan, a dragon demi-goddess, a golden melog and a sentient plant. But will even Murphy and the Startenders be enough to save the people of New York? Or prevent a genocide? Win a deadly game of spikeball? Help millions of aliens find their way home in time to spawn?

Defend paradise? And most importantly, find the answer to the age old question - why did the chicken cross the galaxy? Praise for Startenders from the cast and crew: "One small book for my son, one giant leap for all bookkind. In the wake of the destruction of New York City by a mad god, legends and former barflies of Bulfinche's Pub venture out to distant worlds as Startenders in order to help those in need, both human and alien.

Join former bartender John Murphy, the head honcho of the barship Fools' Glory and its crew of tricksters - Loki, Coyote, the daughter of Pan, a dragon demi-goddess, a golden melog and a sentient plant in their latest adventures as they are called upon to stop the bastart descendants of Bast from achieving godhood with the help of an intergalactic spy network run by cats; are recruited by the Grim Reaper himself to stop a serial killer who slaughters entire planets; go on a collection job to the planet of Ogra to negotiate with a city's ruler, a woman who would rather let billions die than pay her whiskey bill; rescue an old friend from the emperor god of the interstellar Goblin Empire; work to stop a terrorist plot in orbit around the Earth; try to prevent a dying star from going supernova and wiping out three inhabited worlds and find the ultimate constellation prize.

Praise for Startenders from the cast and crew: "Just when you think he can't get any better, Murphy manages to top himself and he hits one out of the solar system," - Murphy's Mom "Better than a year's supply of catnip," - Bast, cat-headed Egyptian goddess, Startender and head of the Cynosure spy network "Murphy's okay, but he's not that great. He was dumb enough to let me on his crew and foolish enough to lose a bet with me, which explains why he's wearing that ridiculous spandex sci-fi jumpsuit on the cover," - Coyote, Native American trickster god, Startender "Hilariously intelligent," -Luke Reviews.

Avenging the death of loved ones, they fight in the night for those who cannot defend themselves. And Nemesis, the daughter of night herself, fights both the evil in this world and her own missing memory. Together and separately, they battle for those the system has forgotten or forces the weak are simply powerless to stop. And in Hell crime is far worse. When his own methods fail, he calls on Detective Bianca Jones despite the animosity between her and his boss. Together they search for the soul. In the process, Negral unwittingly gains a disciple and is forgotten no longer.

He is forced to choose between honor and power. When an old enemy manages to make Negral disappear into the inside of a locked room mystery, the pair must work the case from the inside and out before the forgotten god fades away to oblivion. They watch and wait for another chance to wreak havoc in the real world. None of them want anything to do with happily ever after. The fables take over humans and manipulate events to reenact their stories, each time with new, unwitting players trapped in the story cycle.

If left unchecked, the death and destruction escalates to a worldwide scale. For over a thousand years the duty of stopping them has fallen on the agents of Templar Mason, known in the days of old as the Knights Templar. Witch Jillian Anderson is hunting a sorcerer who has found a way to summon the stories to the mortal plane.

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She must stop him before the fables can get a foothold on the real world and end their stories before they end hers. Swear the truth on a bullet For a price, he will end a life he deems deserving of killing be it man, woman, zombie, vampyre or demon. One day the Devil will come for him. Until then, Argus lives by his own dark code of honor, a Soul For Hire. From the dark corners of the Murphy's Lore universe! Someone with the ability to use every kind of magic has the potential to be the most powerful person on Earth.

Good, evil, and all points in between are trying to win the new power player to their side and not everyone is going to play nice. The problem is Gary is only a kid. With his parents missing, Gary will be forced to make a choice on what kind of person he will become and it will not only impact the rest of his life but the world itself. Hex is going to have his hands full convincing the powers that be that the only way they can make their case to the kid is By Invocation Only. Hex In The City… Hex was born a magi, a mage with the ability to use every kind of magic, but cursed with pain and worse for using his powers.

Hex dares to stand between the innocent and the creatures of darkness — whether they be vampyres, Aztec gods, elder horrors, flesh-eating babies, mirror angels or the Devil himself. When facing those who make you curse the darkness, sometimes the only way to survive is to ask for help.

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  • Cthulhu will one day rise up to claim the Earth and its inhabitants as his own. The Great Old One has looked upon Humankind and found it lacking. In the latest Dear Cthulhu collection, the Great Old One answers letters and gives more good advice to bad people, tackling topics ranging from after-death love affairs, men who think they are dogs, women who believe they are witches, adoption, relationships, kitten eating snowmen, how long children should keep teddy bears, the place of rocket launchers in polite society, and how to deal with the dread beaver pox.

    Apparently, some of our busy-body neighbors object to this and have been having the police hound us because our children walk to school on their own through our safe suburban neighborhood. I actually admire what you are doing. The idea that you are raising free range children is amazing to Cthulhu.

    Thank you.

    awards – Page 2 – Vampires in the Sunburnt Country

    Children are so much tastier when they are free range — I simply cannot tell you how wonderful this is. And the lack of violent crime helps assure they survive long enough to make it to market. Praise for Dear Cthulhu: "A crazy fun collection Great Cthulhu dispenses a sardonic brand of advice that will make you giggle and snort with horrifi ed glee Comeau, Creature Feature.

    The very first collection of Dear Cthulhu columns as everyone's favorite monsters dishes advice and tried to help humanity in spite of itself, proving that Cthulhu's advice can brighten even a dark day! Things have been going great. Jim tells me he loves me and I know I care for him a lot. Our making out has always been hot and heavy.

    What should I do? As for your so-called girlfriends, they sound like a bunch of twits.

    Mermaids 13

    Remember, it is better to be a leader of men than a follower. The only one you should ever follow is of course Great Cthulhu. Speaking of which some followers How would you like to be the guest of honor? We would love to have you. Email me at virgins dearcthulhu. And bring a dish to pass. The other morning when I woke up, Teddy was gone. I looked everywhere but he disappeared. Can you help me? Your father is correct. The monster in your closet did not eat Teddy. It was the creature under your bed. And he is hungry again. The second collection of the dark, twisted, and funny Dear Chtulhu columns where everyone's favorite monster proves he truly does give good advice for bad people!

    The slime bag treated me like crap, so I took my revenge by peeing in his coffee pot every morning. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but it ended up backfiring on me. He told the entire office and they loved it too. That or they were all just used to really horrible coffee. Without telling me, my idiot boss entered my brew in a contest that Spacebucks Coffeehouse was running to find the best new coffee. I won and they offered me a ton of money to manage one of their biggest shops and make my special blend for the customers.

    I could use the money and it would be a huge relief to get out of this office. I think it is up to the mother when she stops breastfeeding her kids. If it helps, my little one turned thirty-six last month. If you are interested in grandchildren, I suggest stopping the feeding immediately.

    But look at it this way. You have kept your mammaries going for almost four decades. Maintain that with a breast pump for a while longer and you may be able to feed your grandchildren as well. The fifth volume of everyone's favorite monster giving good advice for bad people because as everyone knows Cthulhu Happens! You take your phone and it uses the GPS to capture these mythical creatures on your phone in order to play a game.

    Unfortunately, the program has put one of the rarest Pokey-A-Guy creatures in the middle of my living room. The police are getting tired of responding to the break-ins. What can I do? Then install video monitors and put up signs stating that you will prosecute. I know you said you did not have much money but my next bit of advice will help you to more than pay for it.

    Random books from crazybooklady's library

    This way you get a chance to control the traffic flow and take in some extra cash and these people get to play their game. Don't worry because Cthulhu Explains It All! And modesty forbids me from going into detail about my threesome with Tom Cruise and Hugh Jackman, but it was hot!

    When I told my one friend they could get rid of her cancer by using stem cells and a hot glue gun, she looked at me as if I was mad. But she did ask her doctor. That quack said no one had ever heard of such a thing. When I called Harvard to have them send me a copy of my diploma, they said they had no record of it and hung up on me when I explained how I dreamed I had graduated from there with high honors with a dual major in brain surgery and philosophy.

    So my dear Cthulhu, as one of the few on this planet who is accomplished as I am, how do I get people to take my experiences seriously? Oh and I have some included some pointers for you as an attachment on how to terrorize and take over the planet. The events of life influence your dreams, not the other way around, unlike Cthulhu whose dreams can influence the entire world and universe. In fact. Pirate Writings Crow - Geoffrey A. Landis Ardath Mayhar - Edward J. Jay O'Connell - G. Scott - Timothy S. II Edited by Edward J. The stories are not about Pirates, nor are they "pirated".

    Pirate is more indicative of the attitude and ambition that set the magazine apart from the rest and made it one of the best small press speculative fiction magazines of its day. Featuring the talents of: Brendon Adams. Linda D. Kathryn J. William Cromer. Paul DiFilippo. Steve Hamilton. Anthony J. Brett Hudgins. Mary Soon Lee. Lyn Lifshin. Edward J. Tom Piccirilli. Brian Plante. Mike Resnick. Arthur J.

    Josepha Sherman. Allen Steele. Christopher Stires. Patrick Thomas. That's not easy in a city where almost everybody lies. Grace should know, he's told a few himself - always in a good cause of course. Which is why Grace is no longer a crime scene investigator and why Joshua Parker, the last honest cop in Baltimore, is keeping an eye on him.

    Parker is waiting for Grace to make one last mistake, for his past sins to catch up with him. In the end it will be up to Grace to make the right choices, ones that will lead either to a second chance or no chance at all. Rose pedals whirl in the rising wind as the shadows thicken. Read these Epitaphs from: Linda D. Addison, Mike Allen, Trey R. Know that you hold in your hand ghosts and relevance as you turn these pages. Words carved into soul as well as stone. Don't rest in peace The game is set in a unique fantasy world, a giant tree peopled by eight prime species which can be played by participants in the game, and by numerous other sentient species, animals, and plants.

    The world is an immense tree, its branches are fifty miles wide and thousands long, and their flat upper sides are the home of civilization. The sides of the branches are tangled and untamed; wilderness is never far from even the greatest city.

    The World Tree rules system is skill-based, and tuned for flexibility and ease of use. The character creation system gives players the tools they need to build complex characters from every walk of life--mayors as well as mages, fisherwomen as well as fighters, unconfined by arbitrary character classes. The structure of the setting allows for campaigns geared to both the sophistication of cities, and the wildness of the frontier. The magic system includes both a large arsenal of standard spells, and a full system for spontaneous improvisation of new spells.

    The basic combat system can be learned almost instantly, but advanced tactics are available to the experienced warrior. An adventurer doesn't have much time to think about family, or love, but when a close call puts things in perspective, Rajel calls her spouses to her to begin their married life. Boragette's grown up as a sweet cosi who only wants to do the things a co- lover should: cook, sew, and please everyone.

    Casamint's become an arrogant scholar-bug with no respect for the rustic life, nor for brawny women wielding three-handed swords. And Rajel's a hard-bitten adventurer, more comfortable with her wild Sleeth companion than with her spouses or country home.